What is the opposite of depression? Before becoming a Certified Mental Health Practitioner, I could not answer that question off the top of my head. EXPRESSION is depression’s opposite. It’s important to understand this concept when we look at how depression affects the brain and body, and how to resolve it.

How Depression Affects The Brain and Body Physiologically

Depression is a form of stress on the body and mind. When the body or mind is placed under stress, the HPA-Axis is activated. This system is controlled automatically by the subconscious mind and triggers the hormone levels in the body.

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Glucose production (high blood sugar)
  • Lowered immune response
  • Slower digestion
  • Lower cognitive abilities (learning & memory)

are a few side effects of an activated HPA-Axis, or a person in “stress response mode”.

Based on those changes alone, I probably don’t have to tell how bad it is if your body does not return to it’s natural balanced state. In fact, studies show that if the body does not return to homeostasis within 2 hours, it becomes more difficult for it to balance out those hormones.


Destructive Emotional Stress Triggers

When we experience a traumatic event or emotion, our subconscious mind stores the information of what happened as a way to protect us from it happening again. Remembering a stressful situation, like sexual abuse, for example, your subconscious brings up the sensations, sights, sounds, and even scents from the experience. Recalling these sensations places stress on your mind and body activating the HPA-Axis.

While the subconscious means well by retaining this information and regurgitating it, it’s actually destructive to long-term health and well-being. The body cannot tell the difference between a real danger (stress) or a perceived danger, so it responds the same to a memory as a real event. Because of this, re-living these experiences in your mind can trigger your body’s stress response over and over again.


If these traumas, events and memories are stored in the subconscious, how do we change or overcome them?


Reprogramming Subconscious Triggers

Majority of the body is controlled automatically, by the subconscious mind. It’s safe to say then, that the subconscious and the body, are one of the same. Therefore, we can use muscle testing to determine the ROOT cause of a subconscious event, memory or trauma. Subconscious Imprinting Technique combines muscle testing and Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge to pin-point the event, the emotions and where it is hiding in the body.

Once we’ve discovered the root cause, we use Neurolinguistics and Access Consciousness to bring awareness to the issue and to reprogram that memory. This technique is so profound because the client is conscious throughout the treatment so they know what’s going on AND we use the client’s language in the reprogramming phase for the most effective results.


Depression vs Expression

There’s an expressive root cause to every case of depression. For someone facing depression, I will always look for the root cause that relates to some aspect of the client’s life that is not being expressed.

It can be anything from unexpressed emotions, to an inability to express one’s self. The interesting thing about expression, is that it can come in many different forms. From screaming, yelling and punching, to art, singing and exercise. Every person expresses themselves effectively in different ways.

Download my free Expression Checklist for a list of useful techniques that can be easily implemented each day.


Safety and Efficacy of Subconscious Imprinting

Understandably, there can be fear around having a perfect stranger reprogramming your subconscious mind. That’s why all Subconscious Imprinting Technique Practitioners must undergo intensive training. In fact, they must receive and facilitate several Subconscious Imprinting session on themselves and others before becoming certified.

Subconscious Imprinting Technique is officially recognized under Mental Health Practitioner classifications.

Releasing destructive behavioural and thought patterns can change physical and mental health problems in as little as 4 weeks. The release allows the body to return to a relaxed (homeostatic) state. This activates the parasympathetic system which is the body’s natural healing system.

*Anyone diagnosed with mental or physical diseases should ALWAYS continue to consult a physician before and during Subconscious Imprinting treatment.

*This type of work can quickly change the body’s chemistry. Anyone on prescription medications should regularly have a doctor monitor the effects of their medications while receiving Subconscious Imprinting treatment.