During this pandemic situation associated with the coronavirus and all the measures implement by the government, which includes social distance for an indeterminate period, it has suddenly changed our lives. The unexpected and rapid change in our daily routine and restricted mobility has had negative psychological effects for many of us.

The majority of the population worldwide has been spending their days at home for a few weeks now and we have to adapt to the “new” reality; which comes with lots of stress.  While we can enjoy some of the benefits by spending quality time with the family, cooking, reading, today time exists so why not take advantage of this “EXTRA” time and tackle a decluttering process and release some of the stress from our daily lives.  Letting go of stuff means trusting in the support that the universe is always providing.  Letting go of stuff basically means that you are allowing the PRESENT to fully emerge and take on a new journey full of holistic benefits.  Before initiating the decluttering and organizing process we should ask ourselves this questions “ Can I live without this?”, this being “stuff”.  Declutter and organizing our homes has a direct link with our well being.

Some major holistic benefits of decluttering and organizing our homes:


Clutter around you has a negativity impact on us and as we start decluttering our space, we start noticing a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of lightness, feeling happier and consequently more relaxed.



The simple fact of having everything you need to prepare your meals within reach, makes cooking easy.  Just think of kitchen cabinets overfloating with “stuff”, chances are you don’t use them all and maybe you will never use them.  By having fewer appliances and fewer gadgets will allow you to notice all you have easily and make good use of it as well. Opting for a decluttered kitchen makes your cooking experience pleasant, time and time again. A clutter-free home has a ripple effect on maintenance, upkeep and efficiently performing household duties. Many people even feel like their sleep improves in an uncluttered bedroom.



Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, where you can get a good restful sleep;  however, if you sleep in a cluttered bedroom chances are that you will not have a deep, restful sleep to help you coop with the days.  You may be conscious or not about it or not!  Thus the importance of decluttering your bedroom to bring calm, relax ambiance and bring the night sleep that you NEED.


“Outer order contributes to the inner calm”

                                                                                                                   -Gretchen Rubin

Decluttering doesn’t happen overnight, allow yourself some time to understand and analyze your needs.  Don’t feel you have to give up anything that is of important value to you, and most of us have stuff with deep personal meaning, which help us maintain a positive and balance within ourselves and the world that surrounds us.