“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency & Vibration” 


In terms of ancient knowledge, sound, frequency, and vibration have always been perceived as powerful forces that can influence life right down to a cellular level.  Even multiple modern studies have confirmed this and have shown how they can literally alter physical matter. 

Now imagine having this kind intervention as a convenient part of your daily routine via a compact wearable….more on that a little later. 


The basic building blocks for everything as we know it, including human cells are atoms that are made up primarily of energy vibrating at various frequencies.  Everything has a vibrational frequency which can be measured in Hertz (Hz), even the earth emits an electromagnetic frequency of around 8Hz “also known as the Schumann Resonance”.

It’s also been determined that prominent and successful healers emit an electromagnetic frequency of around 8Hz, which is not that surprising considering healers have been known to promote a grounded connection to the earth for thousands of years.


Frequencies have been leveraged since the beginning of civilization, in particular using sound and crystals, both of which offer a very powerful form of frequency and vibration.  In fact, some of the oldest known civilizations used sound & crystal healing in various forms. 

Ancient Australian Aborigines used the oldest known wind instrument called a didgeridoo (traditionally known as yidaki’s) in the oldest known form of sound healing ceremonies.  While Egyptians used sound healing in various forms including toning (a vowel sound chant), crystal healing tables, and healing chambers among other things.

Native Americans used unusual, irregular rhythms and a somewhat off-key style of singing to provoke spirits and healing and like the Egyptians, ancient Greeks also used sound healing chambers and tables with crystals while ancient Chinese and Tibetan cultures used not only human voice and chanting but Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs.

Modern research over the past hundred years or so has allowed us to gain further knowledge and a great insight into how sound and frequency work and how we can use it to improve our lives.  In modern diagnostic medicine, frequencies are also well known, like Ultrasound used for a visual of a person’s internal body structures, EKG’s for the heart, EEG’s for the brain, and MRI’s for injured cells.  Complimentary medicine also uses frequencies, which are commonly being incorporated as a suitable means of delivery to the cells and tissues of people, pets, and plants.


According to Richard Merrick, “with the fall of Rome, Christianity became politicized by emperor Constantine and ‘pagan’ knowledge of harmony in nature was forbidden. This was even legislated by Church law and enforced by the Inquisition, and for hundreds of years harmonic knowledge was pushed underground.”

More recently in 1904, the AMA (American Medical Association) decided they wanted a reform of the medical industry and by 1910 the Flexner Report (a book-length landmark report of medical education in the United States and Canada, written by Abraham Flexner) was published to set a benchmark around medical practices & education.  At the time Flexner was researching his report, “modern” medicine faced vigorous competition from several areas including osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, electrotherapy, eclectic medicine, naturopathy, and homeopathy.

Flexner clearly doubted alternative medicine, deeming any approach to medicine that did not advocate the use of treatments such as vaccines to prevent and cure illness as “quackery” and so any medical schools that offered training in various disciplines were told either to drop these courses from their curriculum or lose their accreditation and underwriting support. 

By 1934 the AMA had enough of those still practicing and publishing content around alternative medicine and so advised that anyone practicing medicine using electrotherapy, herbs, nutrition, or homeopathy would have their licenses revoked.


It’s interesting that it was around 1925 that conventional medicine discovered EEG and then Ultrasound in 1930 right before outlawing the practice of Electrotherapy as alternative medicine.

Unfortunately, due to the constant pressure from the AMA over a 30+ year period,  most practitioners in the field of electrotherapy were maturely aged and towards the end of their careers, and then with the eventual outlawing of Electrotherapy by the AMA, it basically came to a grinding halt and lead to the machines along with nearly all the research being lost and or destroyed.

Then there is a very interesting story around Royal Ramond Rife, but I’ll let you do your own research on his work, just be prepared to read between the lines.  His biggest mistake was making claims to cure, which as history proves, is the fastest way to pick a losing battle with the AMA.  This is the reason why alternative medicine today treads so very lightly and often makes a bunch of disclaimers.

However, a new wave of interest in electrotherapy came several decades later, including interest from NASA whose research involved the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields on astronauts for fatigue, depression, bone loss, and other symptoms following even short trips to outer space. Scientists discovered that the cause was due to astronauts being without this beneficial natural field emanating from our Earth. 


The cell is the smallest component in your body and each of us has about 70 trillion of them. Every cell, just like the whole human organism, has a metabolism of its own which operates on cell voltage.

Cell researchers Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, the latter a former member of the Nobel Prize Commission, discovered that many chronic and acute diseases can develop when the cell membrane tension drops.  According to their model, humans are only as healthy as the health of their cells and their ability to communicate with each other. Cell health can, therefore, be determined by one simple parameter: the electrical cell membrane voltage. 

According to the cell membrane voltage model, a cell ideally has a voltage of -70 mV and thus enough energy to live, communicate with the other cells and metabolize properly. When cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, this voltage is often reduced to -50 mV losing their ability to function efficiently.  

At -40 mV pain and inflammation can start to occur while -15 mV, according to Becker and Nordenstrom, is the threshold below which the cell can mutate into a tumor cell.

Now for our cells to metabolize properly, they need to take on Water, Nutrients, and Oxygen, while Metabolic Products need to be transported out including the exchange of potassium, sodium, and calcium ions .  This happens through Valves in the cell wall which operate based on Voltage Potential, ie the difference in voltage between the cell interior and intercellular space.  As voltage decreases as does the cell efficiency.  The right or wrong such voltage level can mean the difference between a healthy cell and a diseased cell.


Frequency modulated micro-current sends low-level electrical currents into your body with the aim of supporting cell voltage levels.  The key to delivering voltage to specific cells in the body is sending it in the correct frequency receptive to the target cells. (A bit like having the right remote for the right TV or the right car), and so this is what frequency-modulated micro-current does, it’s the remote that can be tuned with the right frequency to access specific cells that represent different areas of the body.  

It’s in this way, that the metabolism and cell division, among other things, should be stimulated in such a way that the ATP synthesis, i.e. the energy production of the cells, and protein synthesis for the construction of new cells in the human body, is strengthened. 


The knowledge of which frequencies can be used during an application played a significant role in the development of an amazing little piece of German engineering called the Healy Wearable. Through information field controlled frequency application, the Healy Wearable should optimally support the cellular environment and cell membrane voltage with specific and individually selected frequencies and currents. 

This technology is not new, it’s been very successfully practiced for decades by highly skilled practitioners using very expensive commercial units and has come leaps and bounds in the last decade becoming well known among celebrities and professional sportspeople who have been taking advantage with amazing results.  Timewaver, a leader in such commercial machines has been on a mission for the past decade to develop a Personal Wearable that anyone can afford and use on a daily basis to promote self-awareness, safe self-healing with no side effects and general well being for the entire planet and thus very recently the Healy Wearable was born.

The Healy Wearable is a compact easy to use wearable that clips onto your clothing and delivers frequency-modulated micro-current therapy via 3 different types of electrodes.

  • Ear Clip Electrodes
  • Wrist Step Electrodes
  • Gel Pad Electrodes

The Healy Wearable can also, through quantum physics, measure “In Real Time Every 10 Seconds” your individual bio-energetic field via a built-in quantum sensor, allowing it to select from a massive database of over 144,000 frequencies, and deliver back to you the specific resonating frequencies you need right then and there to get your cellular, emotional and/or energy centers back to bioenergetic balance.  This is what separates the Healy Wearable from any other frequency device in the market place, its ability to measure in real-time, using Artificial Intelligence and a Self Learning Algorithm, pick and choose which frequencies you need.

Simple to use but complex in what it can do, it’s a must consider for not only your own Health & Wellbeing but that of your family, friends, and also your pets.


While the Healy Wearable is based on the same science as parent company Timewaver’s commercial equipment which has been widely used for over a decade and holds various certifications around the world, the Healy Wearable is independent of Timewaver and only relatively new (less than 2 years).  However in its short time, Healy has achieved amazing progress, currently a registered Class IIa Medical device in Europe, FDA approved in the USA among other current and pending certifications local to other counties around the world.


The cost of bringing the Healy Wearable into existence has been enormously expensive, and delivering it to the masses is not only a major exercise in itself but a necessary one in order to recover costs in a reasonably practicable time.  This brought the inventor and owner Marcus Schmieke and investor Christian Halper to the realization they needed to use a social business model to achieve the massive growth in the required period of time to make it financially feasible and thus the Healy Wearable is available through a Social Sharing/Network Marketing business model making it not only an amazing product but potentially an amazing business opportunity also.

Healy Wearable is currently available in over 40 countries with the latest market to launch being the USA on April 27th, 2020 with Canada, Mexico, and Africa not too far behind.

To become a member while it’s completely FREE, you can Click Here, or for more information head over to www.healywearable.com, follow Healy Wearable on Facebook, or feel free to join our Facebook Group Frequencies For Wellbeing.