Do you want to know more about natural remedies for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? In this video, Dr. Christina Garoppo discussed the natural remedies we can do at home. I hope you learn a thing or two from Dr. Christina and Jennifer.


Dr. Christina Garoppo: And see if you get that very first symptom. Now in Chinese medicine, I have a doctorate in Chinese medicine. I’m going to give you the very first formula. It’s a modification of the very first formula that we ever learned and my textbook of formulas that we learn is this thick, very first one, you know, thousands and thousands of formulas. The first one, and all of these things you can find in a grocery store, which I think is so wonderful. The first thing that you need is a bunch of green onions. I want you to have some fresh garlic. Make sure you have a whole head. You want some fresh ginger and you want a broth that pleases you. It doesn’t matter. The broth is just the carrier. Now here’s what you do. You’re getting that scratchy throat. You’re starting to feel that feeling that everybody gets on their skin. Like I know I don’t feel quite right and I don’t know what’s wrong. Those are the first signs that you’re getting sick. I think people are really starting to pay attention to that. Maybe, maybe we’re all a little bit hyper-aware, but it’s wise to pay attention when your body is starting to go down a little bit. You know, so this is when you want to use this formula. You’re going to take the white part of the green onion and you’re going to just chop it up. This, you do not require massive culinary skills to get this done, right. This is like anybody can do this. If you have a knife, you’ve got the end a saucepan, you’ve got this. So top up the white, take a couple of cloves of garlic. You can chop that up a little bit. Not a big deal. You want to take about two inches or so of the ginger and just put some slices and no, you don’t have to peel it if you don’t want to. It’s not a big deal in China. They don’t peel it all the time. Okay? Use a little bit of oil in a saucepan and saute that until you get to the place where you start to really smell the fragrances. That’s going to be about a minute, okay? You want to do is to add a container of your broth. Whatever it is that you’ve decided. You know they, they sell a lot of like bone broths and chicken stocks and whatever. It doesn’t matter what it is cause it’s just a vehicle. But pull in one of those and you’ll probably get a couple of cups about this. Bring it to a boil and you will simply take one mug full of this. Notice that there’s not like really big major ingredients. This is not measured out. It’s not important. A muffle full of this with some of the green part of the green onion leftover. You’re going to pop that up, put a sprinkle of that on there. It probably be about one green onion worth.

Jennifer Goodwin: Are you taking just the broth or the garlic and the stuff that’s chopped in there too if you get it in there?

Dr. Christina: Really good question. You take all of it. The solids are also of what will make your body perspire. Now the focus of this thing, and by the way, I used to do this for my kids all the time when they were little, and even kids will drink this. If you add maybe a little soy sauce to it, a little sesame oil come on, it’s going to, it has that Chinese flavor. You might as well just go with it. Even my kids would drink this when they were little. So the purpose of this is to actually make you perspire. What happens when you get sick like this is your pores will seize up. That’s what makes you feel uncomfortable. Now that is an effort for your body to try to heat up your body temperature a little bit. But usually what happens is the body has an overreaction. So we are trying to do is induce sweating. You want to drink this until you perspire. It doesn’t have to be a lot. You break little teeth, a little bit of like moisture on your brow. You’ve done the job, your pores are now open, dry off, stay warm but not hot. Be comfortable. No drafts. You don’t want to be sitting under a ceiling fan or with a big open window blowing in on you because we’ve opened your pores. We want to have at least a little bit of control over your body temperature. What will happen if you do this? Your body will have a tendency to just kind of want to go to sleep and that is a natural, normal, healthy impulse for your body to say, okay, now I’m going to take over. You’re going to sleep it off. If you do this and you do it early enough, whether it’s the common cold, whether it’s the flu or whether it’s the coronavirus, this will help your body to expel this quickly.

Jennifer: Didn’t you drink this every day just in case or no?

Dr. Christina: I wouldn’t actually. Only because the warmth of the things that I’ve put into the formula for you are a little bit too warm and they can heat you up. One aspect of the coronavirus that’s really, really important here is that if you notice, they’re always asking for ventilators and they’re always asking for inhalers and they’re always asking for.

Jennifer: That is why I get scared.

Dr. Christina: And the real okay. The reason why though is because what happens is that it starts out in this throat and it, replicates then it descends into the lungs. So if you notice, the first thing that we’re doing is I’m asking you to be alert to that feeling of discomfort and the scratchy throat because it’s beginning. We want to try to push it out before it catches hold. When it settles down into the lungs, what happens is that it will, the mucus will get too thick and it gets really hard to expel.

Dr. Christina: So the first thing is the formula is to try to stop that from happening. So we don’t want it to descend into the lungs to begin with. But why I don’t want you to drink this every day is because we’ll hit your body up too much and it could potentially make your lungs get a little bit too dry. Because ginger works on the lungs, but it can dry it out too much. So not a preventative. This is for you to just be paying attention to when you first get any sign of anything. Cold, flu, whatever.

Jennifer: Okay, that’s awesome. Now, what can people do preventative during the day to boost their immunity and to keep the systems moving and let the body flush this out? Should it? Because most people will come in contact with it.

Dr. Christina: That’s absolutely true. Actually. Even with social distancing, we will still run into contact with it. Now, here’s the really good thing. I don’t know if anybody has been paying attention. I’m a science nerd, so I pay attention to these things. But as they’ve been putting the worldwide cases and the deaths on TV versus the United States. And the deaths, you will notice if you do the math that the death rate, the mortality rate is running about 4.5 to 5% of all cases all over the world. But it’s only running at about one or 1.2%. Think of it. That means like out of a hundred people that get it, almost 99 of them will be okay. So please bear in mind, breathe, breathe. You know, you’re going to be in the 99. The most important thing to remember is why this is so hard for some people to get rid of. And there’s a couple of reasons for that. The first thing is that coughing is an exhausting thing to do. Now, I told you that it tends to the mucus tends to congeal in the lungs. I don’t mean to be gross, but let’s, let’s speak frankly to each other. The thing is, that’s what you and I are really doing this for because I think people need real hardcore hear from a doctor’s answers. And that’s what we’re doing here. So, okay, it’s a little gross but it gets real.

Dr. Christina: So once, once it congeals in the lungs, you are coughing, coughing, coughing. Now I, I’ll be honest with you, there were probably two times in my life that I had pneumonia that I almost died and I know from bitter experience that even young and healthy coughing is an exhausting thing to do after a while when your body can’t get rid of the phlegm that’s in your lungs. You and I had one of the conversations that we have here on Facebook Live. I want you and I to talk about ways and I’ve got a really neat supermarket way for you to moist in those lungs you can do on a really consistent basis. Okay. But we, we want to be sure that you’re not exhausted by this. It’s hard on your heart. It’s hard on your lungs. It drains your energy. So the preventative things make a lot of sense. Now, simple preventative things. And some of these things I put in the, it absolutely can’t hurt and it might help category. Okay. But the viruses tend to come into your body in just a couple of different pathways, ears, nose, mouth. So if you sip on warm beverages, should you for some reason, again gross but accurate half, like you’ve breathed it in and it’s come into your mouth. I don’t, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but all of our plumbing up here, it’s all kind of like ear problems. That’s why there’s some ears, nose, throat, doc. It all connects. And so the first thing that makes sense, sip warm liquids throughout the day. What will it do? The virus goes into your digestive system and this is a virus that is not a digestive virus. It’s a respiratory virus. And so, therefore, it will simply be flushed out of your lower system. That’s one simple thing you can do now though.

Jennifer: Like hot teas, or teas, or diarrhetic coffees or diuretic. So hot water with lemon, hot water with ginger, those kinds of things.

Dr. Christina: I like hot water with lemon. Again, you just want to watch the ginger because it’s a little bit too dry (on) your lungs. So chamomile tea and I’m okay about tea. What we’re doing in my family right now. I have one regular like black tea bag and a bunch of herbal teas that I just make and I steeped the heck out of it to the point where it’s, it’ll get so dark that we just kind of add water to it and we’re just sipping on this all day long.

Jennifer: And then adding, you said add raw honey because that actually hydrates the lungs.

Dr. Christina: It really does. Raw honey is one of those things that is really good for stopping a cough. But we in Chinese medicine, it is actually one of the things in our material Medica that we use to moist in your lungs. And there, like I said, I’ve got a recipe for you that we’re going to do on a different day that you’ll love that is, that uses honey as its base and really works.

Jennifer: That’s awesome. I’m going to see if anyone has asked any questions. Let’s see. No, someone just commented they’re finally catching the live stream. Let me hit refresh. Okay. So this is the first day that we’re doing this. I want to encourage people to ask questions. I know that I felt very isolated during this. I’ve literally been isolated for 16 or 17 days. So I wish I had a human with me. So I think, these sessions and coming together helps. During this time. I’m actually starting to allow people to join me on zoom during the day while I work. I’m going to teach them how to do some of the things I do. We’re going to have a morning meditation session to help people get their head right. Heck might even say the pledge of allegiance. I don’t know.

Dr. Christina: Human contact. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Jennifer: Back in school. Human contact. Yes. We’re going to be together separately. So I want to thank you for this. I want to know how people can get in touch with you if they’re in the Jacksonville area or virtually where they can go to your website, which I’ve put in the top of this Facebook live. But if people want to schedule time with you and do a telemedicine session privately, one-on-one where do they go?

Dr. Christina: You’ll simply go to my website, which I think is on there, but it’s and on the homepage, on the top right-hand side, you’ll see a tab that says appointment. If you click on it, it will actually take you to my schedule and link you in. And you will simply choose telemedicine. Please write me something, just telling me what it is that you’d like to talk about so that I can be just amply prepared to talk about your digestion versus anxiety versus the common cold versus whatever. But whatever you would like to talk about. And you can, I block it out in one hour and then after that, it’s a 15-minute increment.

Jennifer: Okay. So that was Again, the link is around this video and we’re going to do this again. We might do it tomorrow, but we’re definitely going to do some more of these. So get your questions in and we will get them answered by Dr. Christina. I’m also going to have some other wonderful holistic people in the future. So I hope this helps to give you at least a couple of tools that you can do at home for you and your family. And you can feel like you have, you have control over something and turn off the TV and turn on the music. And I hope you’re practicing, you know, mind health as well as physical health. So we will see you again soon and take care everyone.